Bailey Bear ABC Book

Children love to imagine and in this ABC book,  “Bailey Bear in the Land of I AM” our little bear loves to imagine himself engaged in various activities.  In the Land of I AM there are no limits for Bailey and through his imagination young readers are introduced to a multitude of careers from A to Z in a natural storybook style.

Bailey Bear likes to use the phrase “I am” to begin his many daydream adventures.  His doing so speaks directly to children and encourages them to use their imagination in a similar manner.  This format plants the seeds for future possibilities in a deeper more personal way.

Written as rhyme, this text is very approachable for young readers. Rhyming helps children build phonological awareness by teaching sounds and patterns that help them learn to read and spell.  Written with love, this story is sure to become a favorite with boys and girls ages 4 – 6.

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